DP 2.6.13

I can’t believe this is my first daily playlist post of 2013! I suppose that’s what happens when you go on an unofficial hiatus from writing…but now that I’m back, so are the playlists!

Lately I have been listening to Imagine Dragon’s EP nonstop but that has definitely changed over the past few days. (If you need a personal soundtrack to walk in a crowded place and feel boss, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons does the trick.) My roommate’s alarm is “Zak and Sara” by Ben Folds because 1) it’s a great song and 2) she is a Sara without and “h” as the song goes.

As I write this, my coffee is getting very cold…I should not be surprised when coffee gets suddenly cold, but it also makes me sad when a great cup of coffee loses the heat that made me fal in love with it in the first place.

Music! Yes!

Ben Folds is fantastic. He’s one of those artists who has been sitting in my iTunes with very few plays but deserves most of them. For those who are offended by strong language and themes, he is not the artist for you; however, his lyrics play very well with my cynical side, which–let’s be honest–is basically my entire self.

While today’s daily playlist is dominated by Ben Folds, there are other artists who use similar musical choices–basically less processed music (which is why Imagine Dragons will not make an appearance today.) It does transition into more peppy and process music as you get further down into the playlist.


1. Jesusland by Ben Folds
2. The Ascent of Stan by Ben Folds Five
3. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois by Sufjan Stevens
4. Field Below by Regina Spektor
5. Don’t Say by St. Lola in the Fields
6. Planes, Trains, Etc… by Kenny Hutson
7. Australia by the Shins
8. In Between Days by Ben Folds
9. So Says I by The Shins
10. Trusted by Ben Folds
11. Bryn by Vampire Weekend
12. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
13. Houdini by Owen Thomas
14. Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim
15. Zak and Sara by Ben Folds Five


DP 10.17.12

As we get more into fall, I have been listening to more and more acoustic music. Honestly, I have never been the biggest fan of acoustic. I love peeling the layers back on a track where I can discover something new every time I listen to it. I can’t really do that for acoustic. I’m learning to appreciate the simplicity of acoustic tracks while admiring picking patterns and even how they make vocals, guitar, and maybe percussion sounds so appealing.

I have rediscovered the Genius feature on iTunes and loving it! Today I’m listen to  a playlist inspired by The Tallest Man on Earth’s “This Wind.” Tallest Man on Earth will probably be my go-to artist of the season with the insane picking skills and stripped down style.

1. This Wind by The Tallest Man on Earth

2. Hinnom, TX by Bon Iver

3. Walking Far From Home by Iron & Wine

4. Battery Kinzie by Fleet Foxes

5. Used to Be by Beach House

6. cherbourg by Beirut

7. I Have Nothing by Noah and the Whale

8. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois by Sufjan Stevens

9. Thousan Ways by The Tallest Man on Earth

10. Brackett, WI by Bon Iver

11. Oliver Jame by Fleet Foxes

12. Sodom, South Georgia by Iron & Wine

13. Rhineland (Heartland) by Beirut

14. Walk in the Park by Beach House

15. He Woke Me Up Again by Sufjan Stevens

DP 10.11.12

Made this for some chore-doing. It has a little bit of everything and is pretty upbeat. Enjoy!

1. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
2. Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero by Foster the People
3. Get It Daddy by Sleeper Agent
4. Islands (Tapioca and Flea Remix) by Young the Giant
5. Stay You, Go Dancing by Death Cab for Cutie
6. Static Waves (Feat Katie Herzig) by Andrew Belle
7. Surprise, Surprise by Brett Dennen
8. I Wanna Be the One by fun.
9. What I Know by Parachute
10. Waiting for My Chance to Come by Noah & The Whale
11. You Are a Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie
12. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
13. Love by Foster the People
14. I Got (DADO REmix) by Young the Giant
15. Generator ^ First Floor by Freelance Whales