Sickness and Caesarea Maratima

Where to start on a day like this? From the beginning I suppose.

The first hurdle of the day was getting out of bed (check), brushing my teeth (check), and showering (check) all by myself. Fortunately my lovely roommate and our resident doctor took it upon themselves to help me pack so I could join the group before the bus left without me. In the hallway, we were greeted by our fellow pilgrims all of whom helped me carry all my crap to the bus.

Sidenote: I spent the previous night sick from gluten. It was gross.

Going to Caesarea Maritima was a treasure. Despite the nausea and impending diarrhea, nothing could cloud the beauty of that place. I don’t think I could ever get over the novelty of seeing the Mediterranean Sea even if I saw it everyday. I look forward to going back and actually absorbing what the various structures around the place were. The Byzantine Era mosaic floors were so detailed. I overheard a good question about the flooring: were those put in specific rooms, all over a palace, or wherever the artisan felt like putting it? By the time we got to the theater, I was feeling the fatigue.

The rest of the day was full of naps with the occasional seat belt in my back, but it was met with good company. Mohammad, our bust driver that day, was incredibly hospitable and kind. I’m glad to have spent some time with him rather than walk by him like I always do when I’m rushing off to the next site.

The Ein Gev resort is probably the nicest place I’ve ever been to. What a place to recover in!  It’s a holiday resort run by a kibbutz community in order to make money to support the kibbutz. The bungalows were probably the nicest accommodations I ever had in addition to being right on the Sea of Galilee. I would love to go back feeling better so I could enjoy every moment in that place.

Originally written June 1, 2014.


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