A Grand Thing

A few weeks ago I got to be a part of one of the most important events that has happened at Gordon (…in my humble opinion.) I was on the planning committee for a focus week titled: Beyond Disabilities. It was all about educating the Gordon community about the realities of living with disabilities in order to have informed dialogues about disabilities as well as how to positive contribute to the disabled community.

We had 19 different events, over 24 speakers, and an overwhelming amount of student involvement. My favorite parts were after events were over and people stayed to extend the discussion and talk with the speakers. When you turn off the mic, that’s when you really get to know a speaker–who they are behind the public speaking mask.

Except Temple Grandin. What you saw on stage was exactly what she was like off stage. Her energy was so youthful and pure despite her age. She is living proof that it doesn’t matter what your life circumstances are in order to achieve greatness. Below is her talk from convocation. Please watch it to learn more about the people around you. To learn how to build an efficient, functioning society. To learn how to live together.