My Christmas Card to You

I love to write Christmas cards, but I kind of dropped the ball this year. Between school and some personal stuff going on, I have no gotten a chance to pen the hand-written notes to many of my friends like I prefer to do each year. In lieu of that (and because I have more people to write to than cards and stamps), I am writing to you here.


I am currently finishing up my first full year at Gordon College and loving every minute of it. Since coming, I have become a Biblical Studies major. Classes are difficult, but I’m learning so much everyday, and my professors have been absolutely amazing.

I’m in the process of applying and interviewing for a multitude of internships. I have never filled out so many applications or had as many versions of my résumé in my life. We’ll see over the next few weeks and months whether or not these opportunities work out.

In some rather exciting news, I am preparing to go to Israel and Jordan for about 5 weeks this summer (as Dr. Phillips appropriately says, “Lord willing”). I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that studying abroad would be possible with the celiac, but it looks possible! I was officially accepted into the summer program last week. Now is more paperwork and homework prep for the trip. Needless to say, I’M SO EXCITED!!!

As I close out this poor substitute for a handwritten Christmas card, I want to share my thanks. Every person I have encountered this past year has shaped me, lifted me up, and guided me in their own, unique way. Thank you so much. Your endless love and encouragement has brought me out of the darkness so many times. Your smile warms my heart. Thank you for being you.

Merry Christmas!

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