Thanks for Loving

When people come to do something positive and beyond themselves, the wake of their efforts is enormous–much bigger than the act itself.

Since the beginning of the semester, there has been a lot of resistance to the new Director of Christian Life and Worship. People were saying hurtful things and making assumptions that were rather damaging to an institution that works tirelessly for the betterment of the students and the person they appointed to the position.

This week, Gordon students banded together to do something beyond themselves. They gave a standing ovation to the director complete with the whoops and hollers that he deserves. They sent individual notes of encouragement to him throughout the day.

Gordon: thank you. Thank you for embodying the unity that we are called to do. Thank you for (finally) opening yourselves up the changes in chapel. Thank you for seeing this person as more than just his job but as a person who is loved and cherished by God.

Can we keep doing this please? Can we keep encouraging people with such concentrated efforts?

Let’s do it. Let’s do more kingdom work.


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