What a beautiful morning! The sun is shining but not so bright that you need to wear sunglasses. The birds are running across the grass, mulch, and sidewalks with a wormy breakfast in their mouths. Bikers speed down the road  with only the tffttthhh sounds of the tires on the gravel to warn you of their coming.

Today is also a day of goodbyes. It’s strange. Days seem to have a certain aura that sets the temperament for the day. When it rains, we blame the weather for our yawns. When it snows, people blame the cold for their bad moods.

But today is such a beautiful day! Why must it be tampered with the sorrow of departure?


I am in love with this season. This is my first spring and summer in the North Shore, and it feels like a gift wrapped just for me in floral paper with hand-tied bows all around it. Each bow I untie releases a wonderful surprise.

It is a season for all things filled with joy, hope, and happiness. It is a time for spontaneity, young love, adventures in the wilderness, and picnics on the beach. It’s a time for making new friends, stealing a kiss, mailing a handwritten letter, and trying something new.

I want to jump in head first. I want to run into this frigid ocean, holding hands with those I love, and dive into its depths only to be warmed by adrenaline and the spirit of the season. I have already dipped my toe in, walked in to my knees, and am almost to my waist. It is time to take the plunge!


My birthday is in a little over a week, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited since my sweet 16. I’m fondly leaving my teenage years behind me to become to big 2-0. The weird thing I rarely feel my age. Dealing with all my health problems makes me feel like a 75-year old woman sometimes. Other times, all I want to do is sit in front of Adventure Time and color. I’ve been described as an old soul and told I have the energy of a first grader.

And I’m totally okay with both.

I would much rather be unpredictable than try to fit the 20-mold. I’m not big into trying to fit into molds. I prefer to spill over the sides and break down the walls of expectation.

What am I doing for my birthday? I have absolutely no idea since my sister is planning a surprise weekend. What am I doing for my birthday week? I’ll probably continue my Harry Potter marathon, color in my new favorite coloring book, take some photos of beautiful people, go to work, play racquetball, learn some sweet hula hoop tricks, cook a lot, and eat even more.

I am excited for the surprises that today hold. I am excited for my birthday. And I am even more excited for this season of light.



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