What is symposium?

Symposium is beauty.

It is God at work.

It is the Body.

It is Heaven on Earth.


People coming together, challenging each other.

People doing what they love, expressing their passions.


What is beauty?

A depiction of love.

A depiction of struggle.

A depiction of our inner selves.




As the end of a very emotional week comes to a close, I am greeted with a respite in the form of Symposium with the theme “What is Beauty?” I am finding it hard to pick which sessions to go to; there are so many wonderful presentations that delve into the depths of our souls and get at aspects of Beauty that are practically never viewed as such.

This week I have been reminded of God’s loving divine hand. From a friend’s thesis film to the bombings in Boston, God is present. God is fierce. God provides answers.

It has been an emotionally draining few days, which makes Symposium a much welcomed time of rest but, even more so, a time for healing.

I am excited to be challenged by my peers–nay, my brothers and sisters.

I am excited to hear God’s voice again.

And feel His touch.

I need it now.


Brief Hiatus

Since school is getting busier and the end of the semester is approaching, I am going on a break from this. I have intended to post a lot over the past month, but real life has been catching up with me. I may post occasionally but not regularly.

Thanks for understanding guys!