New Space

Ever since I started this blog, I have been thinking about whether or not to create a space specifically dedicated to gluten free living. Last weekend I took a class on story telling–specifically through blogging–and my answer finally became clear:

Do it.

I have not written many times about celiac/gluten free life but those posts have been the most popular. Clearly there is a need out there for a familiar voice to comfort and educate those facing this challenge. I want to help people with similar problems to mine. While I can’t be there with you in your kitchen or in the doctor’s office, I can tell you about my experiences and offer what advice I can.

Please take a few minutes and head over to my new blog called G-Free Emily. I would really appreciate it!

My vision is for it to become a safe place of discussion and story telling; we can all learn from each other’s experiences. We can’t all meet in the same physical place at the same time, but we can post on the same site!

Thanks for all the support.




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