Spring Break 2013

A year ago I came to Wenham to visit my sister for spring break Now I find myself here again for spring break having stayed at school to spend it with my sister and long-time friend Judy.

Judy came up to visit from Saturday through early Thursday. During her stay we got to show her the many wonderful sights of New England. Sunday Judy and I were given a wonderful tour of Boston by her cousin. Judy and I became rather adept at using the MBTA (which should not have been that hard since I understand the New York subway system fairly well.)

While Debbie worked for most of Monday, Judy and I had a very relaxing day starting with sleeping in! My favorite part about breaks are being able to sleep in without any trace of guilt. Shortly after I woke up, Judy and I packed a lunch and headed for a hike on Red Rock Hill. It only took us about 20 minutes to get to the summit, but it was beautiful. We shared lunch on the rocky surface and then pranced around to get our bearings. We could see Rockport, Gloucester, and back towards Gordon. After slipping our way down the top to the trail, we headed back to the house for a relaxing afternoon.

Debbie had off from work on Tuesday, so we headed up to North Conway, New Hampshire…where it rained all day. I don’t mind rain that much. You dry off eventually, so what’s the harm, right? Well, part of our motivation for going up to North Conway was to drive down via the Kancamagus Scenic Byway. It’s a little hard to see peaks when they are covered by incredibly thick fog and rain clouds. Nevertheless, it made the occasional peak a sight not taken for granted! That night we crashed onto the squishy couches with only food to motivate us enough to get up.

Wednesday greeted us with a day of adventures closer to home. The three of us jumped in the car and headed to Halibut Point–a quarry along the beach by Rockport. The quarry provides the tranquility of any piece of nature protected for its wildlife, but being  hundreds of feet from the ocean brought the calming sounds of waves crashing against the nearby rocks. We made our way down to the shoreline to admire the breath-taking view of the ocean. Despite all the “Enter the ocean at your own risk” signs, I got a wee bit to close to the incoming tide and got soaked up to my knees by the frigid waters. Fortunately, Debbie had an extra pair of shoes and Judy an extra pair of socks for me to borrow, which I proceeding to put on on the swift car ride over to Rockport.

As we strolled around Bearskin Neck in the tourist-centric town of Rockport, we met many local characters. We first stopped in a light colored coffee shop called the Bean and Leaf for lunch. My roommate has practically adopted this place as her second home, so I bonded with the people there very quickly. There was a very jolly older man who checked in on us a few times and made us feel right at home. After lunch we walked around the town to an art gallery, a clothing store, and a used bookstore. The experience was enhanced by our beautiful surroundings–the ocean, boats, and adorable shops. After we visited all the shops that were open (not many open up until the summer), we headed down to the effervescent downton Gloucester. We cruised through the shops, found some lovely treasures, and rushed back to Wenham so Deb could go to work.

The next morning we got up at a truly evil hour to bring Judy to the train station. I miss her so much! We made a meme  to commemorate our sadness. Judy is such a wonderful young woman who graced this house with gentleness and more manners than it has seen in a long time. Thanks for spending time with us! (And thanks for being such a good sport about Hearts.)

JudyMeme   DSC03930copy

Now for some maintenance! I will be trying to follow the following schedule for both my blogs:

I will try to follow this so I can post consistently and so that you guys know when to check in! Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me! You guys are amazing. In the meantime: enjoy this video.


New Space

Ever since I started this blog, I have been thinking about whether or not to create a space specifically dedicated to gluten free living. Last weekend I took a class on story telling–specifically through blogging–and my answer finally became clear:

Do it.

I have not written many times about celiac/gluten free life but those posts have been the most popular. Clearly there is a need out there for a familiar voice to comfort and educate those facing this challenge. I want to help people with similar problems to mine. While I can’t be there with you in your kitchen or in the doctor’s office, I can tell you about my experiences and offer what advice I can.

Please take a few minutes and head over to my new blog called G-Free Emily. I would really appreciate it!

My vision is for it to become a safe place of discussion and story telling; we can all learn from each other’s experiences. We can’t all meet in the same physical place at the same time, but we can post on the same site!

Thanks for all the support.