For a while I have been pondering on the idea of doing a post or two every week to thank, celebrate, or write a note to a person that crossed my path in some way during my week. My most recent piece Celebrate was kind of a trial run that turned into a rant. I have been rather appalled with the negativity on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. as of late, so I figured, “If I want to see change, shouldn’t I start doing it myself?”


To the barista at Chester’s:

You always make the most wonderful drinks! As you’ve probably noticed, I like to have a little bit of conversation with the person who makes my drinks, so thanks for always being so open with me! I don’t know your name, but I know that you sacrifice lunch every Tuesday to work there.

And you do it with a smile.

That’s amazing! You are amazing for how you love people through cappuccinos and iced lattes. It may not seem like a big deal, but our 3 minute encounter was rather lovely. Many people would look at that crazy long line and say, “this is awful. I hate my life. I hate my job. Blah blah I like to complain about stupid things.” You didn’t. You resisted the temptation to be an unpleasant cynic on this cold, wintery day.

Thanks for making my day a little brighter–and a little yummier!



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