My Education: Chapter 3

I’m here. I’m finally here. I’ve made it to Gordon and through 3 weeks of classes. And I love it. It’s really funny to see how God works. His timing is so perfect and makes all my planning rather silly.

Now that I am here and adjusted, I’m realizing just how great the timing is. If I had come to Gordon straight out of high school, I would probably take for granted what makes Gordon so special. I am a lot more grateful as a new student in college (for the third time in three years.)

I had put myself in a psychological box at my old school. I entered as an art major; therefore, I had to stay an art major. I fully support people trying out different classes and majors to figure out what the right fit for them is, but I was never that person. It’s inefficient to do that. It’s also incredibly expensive to do that when it’s hard to graduate within four years when you do stick with one major your entire time there. It’s not Taylor’s fault that I felt trapped, but it’s a little scary to watch your upperclassmen friends face the possibility of not graduating on time because of missing one or two classes.

A few weeks ago I arrived on Gordon College’s campus as an ambitious undecided major (with a Bible minor.) I came with this whole plan to create my own major of project management, which I still love, but as I learn more in my classes, I am reminded of long lost loves.

Since I was a youngin’, I have hoped to teach at the university level at some point in my life. Since attending three colleges in three years, I have seen how faculty and staff can do some rather incredible things in students’ lives. I have also felt that whatever discipline I go into, my mission field will be there. My love for getting to know people and their stories has put me in a very special place to speak wisdom (that is totally from God) into people’s hearts. So what do I do with these two things? I want to eventually work at a college, and I want to help people deal with their crap in life.

As I process through these things, I am talking to basically anyone willing to listen to me ramble on and on about the things that light a fire in me. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the time in the world to make a decision on what to major in, so trying to make this decision very thoughtfully but quickly has been (and will continue to be) a struggle.

484691_10200439734176451_1635053045_n  32172_10200439708335805_1205554352_n  Monadnock Hops

News from Gordon:

The weather is just as unpredictable here as in Indiana…I blame the ocean.

My roommate is fantastic! She’s gluten free and a nerd. That pretty much describes me.

I love all my classes and professors. I love doing homework. I LOVE LEARNING! It’s been so long.

Living across the street from my sister has been the biggest blessing in this whole transition process.

The coffee shop on campus is as delicious as Starbucks but significantly cheaper, so my third home is Chester’s. ( The second being Deb’s house.)

I have caught the “winter hiking bug.” I hike Mount Monadnock last weekend, and now only want to hike on mountains covered in ice. I. Love. Microspikes.

The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing.


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