The Crew Neck Sweatshirt

I used to hate crew neck sweatshirts. They made me think of the clothes my mother wore in the early years of my life, and now I love a good crew neck. In fact, they are slowly over-taking my wardrobe.

Last year you could find me late at night in the Union or art building with coffee in hand wearing skinny jeans, wool socks, lace up boots, and a crew neck sweatshirt with my hair in either a bun or braid. A scarf would often be added to this ensemble.

Now that I work at a grocery store, I have to wear a uniform five out the seven days in a week. I miss wearing the sweatshirts I once despised. Funny thing is, I’m actually wearing one because I haven’t worn one in like two weeks.

Why do I now adore an article of clothing I once dry-retched at? I don’t know for sure, but I will speculate nonetheless. I started to like this style after being over ten hours away from home, so a par tof it may be caused by a homesickness I was unwilling to admit. Crew necks are also very comfortable and when splitting my time between studying, sleeping, and eating in a rather unbalanced way, comfort creeps its way up the priorities when dressing in the morning. Also, each of my sweatshirts had years of memories behind them or had emblems that encouraged me. These simple articles of clothing brought me a sense of being wrapped in a comfort beyond what fabric can provide.

Why bother analyzing why I like this kind of sweatshirt? I don’t know, really. I have no good reason. The only reason I’m even up is that I am to that stage of tiredness where you get more awake…and I’m listening to some pretty fantastic music, so I am avoiding putting down the computer. It feels a little shallow to think so “deeply” (which isn’t even that deep) on something so silly like a sweatshirt, but can I stop taking myself so seriously? Just for the night? Thanks.

Maybe I’ll write something worth reading soon. Until then, go put on a crew neck sweater. It’s pretty comfy, am I right?!


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