Filling Time

Now that I have been home for a week (two weeks if you include the time at Debbie’s), I have gotten asked, “What are you doing with your life now?” Well, I can now supply some answers!

I started my applications for FIT and RISD. I plan on also applying to Pratt and Parsons, but FIT is really the program that I want to go to. At this point, it would be great to go for spring semester, but things seem to be shaping up for next fall. I’m trying to listen, be attentively patient, and live in the moment while thoughtfully looking to the future. Easier said than done.

Anyway, my days are filled with the simple things–work, art, church, and cooking. Work is obligatory in a sense. Art has turned into a requirement as well; I’m in the middle of one of the design tests for the FIT application. I started looking for a new church after I got back from Deb’s last week, so that’s just one more thing that I’m getting used to, but I really enjoyed the place I went to this past Sunday!

My joy has come to stem from cooking. Almost everyday I have cooked some sort of delicious concoction like tortillas, salsas, and desserts.

A few days ago I made guacamole as well as a salsa inspired by a good friend known as Deeds. She made a some called “Cowboy Salsa” for our church potluck this summer made of beans, garbanzo beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. I made mine of black beans, mixed white and yellow corn, cilantro, red onion, about a quarter teaspoon of grated jalapeno, a sliced avocado, two and a half tomatoes that were skinned and seeds were taken out. The seeds and skin were basically juiced through a skimmer and the juice became the liquid base for the salsa. It tasted so much better after a night of all the flavors settling in together. So delicious! It’s a good thing I made so much, because it was a huge hit among the parents.

Today was my first day off this week, and I originally planned on sketching all day. Nope. Didn’t even touch my ebony pencil. I started off the day watching a few too many episodes of Doctor Who when I finally got hungry around 2 or 3. I made a batch of fried tortillas (which were delicious, by the way) to bring to work for the next few days. I bought the latest issue of the Food Network Magazine last night and read it during linner (lunch/dinner) for inspiration. Of course, inspiration came immediately. First, I decided to make candy corn and then chose to make a frozen cake-like thing.

Dad and I got supplies and started cooking the candy corn around 7:30. We were both so excited! Dad finally got to use his new (and rather nifty) candy thermometer, and I got to to try a recipe written by my favorite TV personality of all time–Alton Brown! It was fairly simple, fun, and naturally gluten free! It’s so yummy. We cooked sugar down and eventually rolled it out to cool until it became a sugar-y dough. We separated it into 3 smaller dough balls and kneaded in food coloring. We followed the rest of the instructions found here. The candies are now drying out in the oven overnight–but not before we could all steal some goodies! Teehee!

After we finishing wedging and cutting the candy corn, we started making something called “Icebox Cake with Orange-Caramel Cream” (recipe found here). We replaced the circular wafer with GF lemon and chocolate wafers. We organized the wafers so half the cake with be super citrus-y and half with be balanced between sour and sweet. It is currently setting overnight in the freezer waiting to be eaten tomorrow evening. I can’t wait! There was enough extra cream that we got to try it, and it makes me even more excited for this thing. It was a lot more high maintenance than the candy corn, but its delicacy shows in the subtly flavors in each bite. Anyway, it will be so delicious after I get home from work tomorrow night.

We ended the night with a few scallops gently sautéed. Basically the night was full of delicious goodies and all the dishes were cleaned and put away by 11!

I love food. It has a way of bringing people together that very few things can.

So my days are filled with work, art, church, and cooking. Nothing much, but I enjoying myself fairly well at the moment. Please pop in and say hello every once in a while–I love that sort of break in my attempt at a routine!


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