Bachelorette Party

When my sister and I started planning a bachelorette party for a close friend, we weren’t sure what direction to go. We’re not into strippers or bar crawls, so the normal bachelorette party ideas were out of the question. What were we to do?

We decided to have a sweet, little party with fun decorations, clothes and accessories for the bride to wear, and lots of delicious food. Debbie strung Christmas lights along the rafters and hung origami boxes with phrases like, “The Future Mrs. Nay,” We also hung origami flowers  along the rest of the strands.

For the shirt, I cut a stencil out of a cereal box on which I used dark silver spray paint. Debbie glued feathers and ribbon to a headband as a “bridal headdress” sort of thing.

We made a LOT of food. We had the typical veggie tray, strawberries and cool whip, meringue cookies, homemade gluten free meatballs, carmelitas, sugar cookies with nutella swirl, chips of various flavors, and homemade alcohol-free sangria.

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We played a few rounds of paper whisper down the lane where everyone has a piece of paper and writes any sentence–anything from, “The big bad wolf ate the scared little pigs,” or, “The three boys square danced while eating rainbow popsicles.” Between a few rounds we gave the bride some gifts to make married life a little more fun.

Overall, we had a very fun night on a small budget with some pretty fantastic people!


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