Facebook Fasting

Lately I have been feeling like I spend way too much time on the computer and need to invest my time in things that matter–like relationships with those in the house and community, my artwork, reading, and my relationship and exploration with God. last week I attempted to do a quazi-fast where I just cut back on the time, but it is hard to monitor that. This week I deleted the Facebook app off my phone, stopped getting email on my phone, and changed my homepage so it is no longer Facebook. I logged out so that if I ever click on the link I have one more chance to resist its tempting grasp.

I feel so free.

You don’t realize how much of a hold something has on you until you get rid of it. I have so much more time in my day, and I’m loving it! I also am trying to not text unless it is with family members. It allows me to focus on my priorities for the summer (expand my portfolio and reading books) as well as the people that directly surround me.

I highly encourage everyone to take a brief hiatus from whatever technology has a grasp on you. It is surprisingly liberating!

Below are a few of the pieces that I worked on this week. Feel free to let me know what you think.


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